The Poddy Awards

MAPs @ OZ Poddy Award Winners!


It’s time for the second edition of the Poddy Awards, the contest where we ask pod artists to vote on their favorite pods. About half of the OZ Art Fest pod builders responded to our call.  Results are below.

Winners of “Best Overall Pod” and categories other than best-in-each-level will receive a 3D printed award. Best-in-each-level winners will receive a certificate.

To see photos of the winning pods, have a look at the Artist Guide and the galleries.

And the winners are…

Best Level

Winner: Unseen Worlds
Runner-Up: R&D

Best Pod in “The Sound of Colors”

Winner: (tie) Big Guise (Alexine Rioux, Mika Agari, and Kayla Saito), Erica Ciccarone
Runner-up: (tie) Kit Reuther, Paul Cain

Best Pod in “Explorers”

Winner: Phillip Granke
Runner-up: (tie) Lain York, Brian Somerville

Best Pod in “Spies”

Winner: Sarah McDonald and Tyler Blankenship
Runner-up: Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening

Best Pod in “Echoes”

Winner: Travis Janssen and Alex Lopez
Runner-up: Mary Mooney

Best Pod in “Light Into Darkness”

Winner: Brown Dog Bindery (Jennifer Knowles)
Runner-up: Zach Duensing

Best Pod in “Trials”

Winner: Abbey Skojec
Runner-up: (tie) Matthew Batty, Patricia Earnhardt and Elizabeth Sanford

Best Pod in “Play”

Winner: Amanda Joy Brown and Kyle Jones
Runner-up: Brian Somerville and Will Somerville

Best Pod in “Endless Forms”

Winner: Alexis Colbert
Runner-up: Sara Lederach

Best Pod in “Unseen Worlds”

Winner: Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL
Runner-up: (tie) Ashley Adkins and Leah Sawyer, Ariel Lavery and Christopher Lavery

Best Pod in “R&D”

Winner: Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society
Runner-up: Molly Lahym and Dylan Ethier

Most Original

Winner: Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening
Runner-up: (tie)  Ariel Lavery and Christopher Lavery, Phillip Granke

Best Inside/Outside Interactivity

Winner: Amanda Joy Brown and Kyle Jones
Runner-up: M Kelley and Stephen Zerne

Best Exterior

Winner: Brian Somerville and Will Somerville
Runner-up: Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL

Best Soundtrack

Winner: (tie) Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening, Molly Lahym and Dylan Ethier
Runner-up: (tie) Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL, Gordon Roque

Best Tech

Winner: Molly Lahym and Dylan Ethier
Runner-up: (tie) Jenn Deafenbaugh and Make Nashville, Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society

Best Story

Winner: Abbey Skojec
Runner-up: (tie) Jason Brown and the Postal Provocateurs, Brian Somerville and Will Somerville

Best Concept

Winner: Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL
Runner-up: (5-way tie) Abbey Skojec, Paul Cain, M Kelley and Stephen Zerne, Ariel Lavery and Christopher Lavery,  Sarah McDonald and Tyler Blankenship

Most Professional Build

Winner: Brian Somerville and Will Somerville
Runner-up: Ariel Lavery and Christopher Lavery

Best in Show

Winner: Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL
Second place: Brian Somerville and Will Somerville
Third place: Sarah McDonald and Tyler Blankenship
Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL

Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL

The Poddy Award Winners!

The Poddys


We asked the artists from the inaugural Modular Art Pods to vote for best pods in a number of categories. The results are in and posted below!

Winners will receive a 3D printed award. For lack of a better name, we’re calling the awards “The Poddys.” You can download and print your own reward via

And the winners are:

Best in Show:
Winner: Emily Holt
Runner up: Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship

Most Original:
Winner: Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship

Pod I’d most like to take a nap in:
Winner: Tie between Andri Alexandrou and Lauren Kussro
Runner up: Beth Reitmeyer

Greatest Endurance:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Andri Alexandrou

Crowd Favorite:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Tie between Morgan Higby-Flowers, Andri Alexandrou, Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship, Becky Matthews / Alison Rinner, and Dig Deep Light Show

Best Inside/Outside Interactivity:
Winner: Emily Holt
Runner up: Megan Kelly / Stephen Zerne

Best Exterior:
Winner: Brian Somerville
Runner up: Dylan Ethier / Molly Lahym

Best Live Performance:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Dig Deep Light Show