Independent MAPs shows

MAPs 2019 at Fort Houston Nashville

Announcing Modular Art Pods 2019 at Nashville’s Fort Houston for July 13th – 20th. Please share this event with friends!

Featuring Art Pods by:

Amanda Lomax, Pepper Sims, Beth Reitmeyer, Dylan Pew, Eric Mason, Libby Michael, Kay Kennedy, Matthew Kinney, Madeleine Hicks, Cassie Hamilton, Kara McLeland, Nico Magee, Megan Kelley & The Inbound Lands, Lauren Michelle Ballejos, Claire Ramage, Sophia Gordon-Stevens, Teddy Gordon-Stevens

Hosted by Abbey Skojec and David Hellams at Fort Houston

Call for Entries: MAPs at Nashville’s Fort Houston, July 2019

This MAPs event is organized by artists Abbey Skojec and David Hellams, and will take place in the gallery at Nashville’s Fort Houston in July 2019. We expect this to be an intimate and experimental show with 15 or fewer pods. These MAPs will be on display 2 weeks total, but with special opening and closing weekend events. Special thanks to MAPs creator @tonyyoungblood for advice, support, and the gift of MAPs!

Submitting your proposal is simple! Link to the application here:

Link to Pod Rules for MAPs @ Fort Houston 2019:

Pod Building Guide (helpful instructions from the official MAPs website):

MAPs at Queen Ave is Coming! Friday, November 11 through Saturday, November 12!

MAPs @ Queen Avenue, setup in progress.

MAPs @ Queen Avenue, setup in progress.

Produced by Tyler Blankenship, Modular Art Pods at Queen Ave will be the first independently-curated MAPs show. I’ll be bringing my electrical box pod, but I (Tony Youngblood) was not otherwise involved with the curation or production. What the heck are Modular Art Pods? Learn more here.

The show takes place Friday, November 11 through Saturday, November 12, 6pm to 10pm each night. Saturday’s event will coincide with the East Side Art Stumble.

Detail, Abby Coppage's pod

Detail, Abby Coppage’s pod in progress

Admission is FREE! You can support the show by donating to the IndieGoGo campaign.

Tyler told me about some of the amazing pods and performances going down, and I’m incredibly excited! You’ll get to wade through a mini ball pit, explore a world made out of clay, witness an artist performing in a dress made out of barbed-wire and chicken-wire, and so much more!

Janelle Bonfour-Mikes will perform in a dress made from barbed-wire and chicken-wire

Janelle Bonfour-Mikes will perform in a dress made from barbed-wire and chicken-wire

The show will feature approximately 14 pods and 10 performances. Participants include:

  • Gardening, Not Architecture
  • The Dead Springs
  • RabbitxRabbit
  • Devon Elöise
  • drone room
  • Abby Coppage
  • Rebekah Alexander
  • Dustin Hedrick live painting
  • Rebecca Stone and Keech Rainwater
  • Tori Felton
  • Ashley Lawless of Blue Stocking
  • Eva Young
  • Tony Youngblood
  • Sara Lederach
  • Janelle Balfour-Mikes of Blue Stocking
  • Daisy Dukes
  • Marlos E’van
  • Bridget Bailey
  • Travis Weaver and Brandon Greer
  • M Kelley
  • Alexandra Sutton
  • Jenn Deafenbaugh
  • Devon Eloise and Adam Koichi
  • Mike Kluge
  • Kyle Numann.

Jenn Deafenbaugh's mini-dome pod in progress.

Jenn Deafenbaugh’s mini-dome pod in progress.

Here’s the performance schedule:

Friday, November 11:

The Big Pod

7:30pm: Marlos E’van
8pm: Fat Turbulence
9pm: Janelle Bonfour-Mikes

The Bigger Pod

7pm: Kyle Neumann
7:30pm: The Dead Springs
8pm: Rebekah Alexander
9pm: Gardening, Not Architecture

Saturday, November 12:

The Big Pod

7pm: Fat Turbulence
7:30pm: Marlos E’van
8pm: RabbitxRabbit
9pm: Janelle Bonfour-Mikes

The Bigger Pod

6:30pm: Ashley Lawless
7pm: Kyle Neumann
7:30pm: The Dead Springs
8pm: droneroom
9pm: Gardening, Not Architecture


7pm: Dustin Hedrick live painting

Travis Weaver and Brandon Greer's pod in progress.

Travis Weaver and Brandon Greer’s pod in progress.

Queen Avenue is located at 178 Queen Ave, Nashville, Tennessee 37207. If you attend on Saturday, be sure to check out all the other participating galleries of the East Side Art Stumble.

More info on the Facebook event page.

"Gardening, Not Architecture" MAPs performance rehearsal.

“Gardening, Not Architecture” MAPs performance rehearsal.