Lauren Kussro

The Poddy Award Winners!

The Poddys


We asked the artists from the inaugural Modular Art Pods to vote for best pods in a number of categories. The results are in and posted below!

Winners will receive a 3D printed award. For lack of a better name, we’re calling┬áthe awards “The Poddys.” You can download and print your own reward via

And the winners are:

Best in Show:
Winner: Emily Holt
Runner up: Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship

Most Original:
Winner: Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship

Pod I’d most like to take a nap in:
Winner: Tie between Andri Alexandrou and Lauren Kussro
Runner up: Beth Reitmeyer

Greatest Endurance:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Andri Alexandrou

Crowd Favorite:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Tie between Morgan Higby-Flowers, Andri Alexandrou, Sarah McDonald / Tyler Blankenship, Becky Matthews / Alison Rinner, and Dig Deep Light Show

Best Inside/Outside Interactivity:
Winner: Emily Holt
Runner up: Megan Kelly / Stephen Zerne

Best Exterior:
Winner: Brian Somerville
Runner up: Dylan Ethier / Molly Lahym

Best Live Performance:
Winner: Gordon Roque
Runner up: Dig Deep Light Show