Jason Brown

Enter Jason Brown’s Mail Art Project. Fill His Pod with Your Art

Andee Rudloff's answer to "I Propose To Fill This Pod With..."

Andee Rudloff’s answer to “I Propose To Fill This Pod With…”

The call for participants for Modular Art Pods at OZ Arts Nashville (June 21-25, 2016) is long closed, but there’s still a way to get your art in the show.

Jason Brown is making his pod out of postcard-sized proposals for what he should put in his pod. Anyone can mail in a postcard proposal, including you. The art can be words, drawings, paintings, photographs, origami … ANYTHING that fits on a postcard. All you need to do is finish this sentence with your work: “I propose to fill this pod with…”

Jason has put on several successful mail art shows in the past, including Letter to Me and Reinvention: A Mail Art Show.

The deadline is May 1st, 2016. Learn more and submit at the project website.