How to Pod: Other Ideas

In our other guides, we show you how to make PVC pipe and foam insulation pods, but you can make your pod out of anything you desire. Here are some particularly creative pods from past participants to serve as inspiration.

Pictured below, Brian Somerville made a castle pod out of wood, foam, clay, and various other materials. Courtney Adair Johnson made a pod out of cardboard boxes. Brandon Donahue made a pod out of vacuum-formed plates glued on a foam board frame.

Dig Deep Light Show hung a metal pipe from the ceiling joists and draped plastic sheeting from it. Then they back-projected images on the surface.


Gordon Roque made his pod out of 10-foot sticks of 1/2″ metal EMT conduit and fabric. He used a conduit bender to bend the sticks in 90 degree angles and duct tape to tape the sticks together.

Some pods featured dome roofs, such as two pictured here. Becky Fox Matthews and Alison Rinner’s pod is in the background, and Lauren Kussro’s is in the foreground.

Molly Lahym and Dylan Ethier constructed a spikey pod using a wood frame and painted cardboard.

Those are just a few ideas. What will you dream up?