The Crappy Magic Experience Wants Your Weird Stuff


The Crappy Magic Experience is a multi-volume art event by Nashville artists David Hellams and David King. In 2016, Crappy Magic hosted two shows at Seed Space. The first featured bins full of discarded consumer goods that attendees were encouraged to play with, reconfigure, and reconsider. At the second event, artists donated reconfigured consumer goods to be auctioned off. Then they made infomercials to induce people to buy stuff.

Crappy Magic will return on Saturday, April 1 at abrasiveMedia, and they want your weird stuff!

As the contributing artist guidelines state, your item “can be a hand-crafted artwork; or it can be a ‘found’ object.” If you like, you can make an accompanying sales video. You can even borrow an item already donated to Crappy Magic and make a video for that.

The deadline for submissions is March 5. Learn more at

The Crappy Magic Experience
3pm-10pm, Saturday, April 1, 2017
@ Abrasive Media (Houston Station), 438 Houston St #257, Nashville, TN 37203

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