MAPs Artist News: Sideshow Fringe Fest, Chip Boles Solo, Crappy Magic Auction, and More!

Tracy Nakayama's Ceremony, part of TRIPLE FANTASY at Third Man Records

Tracy Nakayama’s Ceremony, part of TRIPLE FANTASY at Third Man Records

There are plenty of great art events this week in Nashville, including several featuring Modular Art Pods participants.

On Thursday, August 4th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Third Man Records, Nashville Scene arts editor and friend of-MAPs Laura Huston is curating Triple Fantasy, a three-artist exhibition exploring the intersection between sex and magic. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

From the press release:

Artists Elijah Burgher, Tracy Nakayama and Benjy Russell address themes of queerness, sexuality and the occult through their unique drawings, prints, paintings and photography. Burgher’s drawings, paintings and prints draw largely on sigils and an imaginary cult called the Bachelors of the Dawn that claims the supremacy of homosexual men. Nakayama’s paintings reference 1970s porn and, more recently, contemporary nudist colonies. She has created a painting specifically for this exhibit, and will have a limited edition print of another painting available. Russell uses photography to incorporate ideas of ritual and sexuality. His often surreal work eschews Photoshop in favor of absurdism and in-camera effects. Join us on the 4th for the opening reception, or if you can’t make it, stop by in the following 4 days to see this incredible show.

Legs, part of Sideshow Fringe Fest

Legs, part of Sideshow Fringe Fest

Thursday, August 4 marks the kickoff of the 2016 Sideshow Fringe Festival curated by MAPs alum Jessika Malone. This multidisciplinary, multi-venue stage arts festival has been running strong for 6 years, and it gets better every year.

One can’t-miss show is the play Legs, directed by MAPs alum Madeleine Hicks.

From the event page:

When Cara Smart turns 16 years old, it’s time for her to answer the age old question that every young woman must face: which limb would she amputate first? Disturbing, hilarious, and poignant-Legs provokes important questions about how society constructs beauty and the struggles women face to conform to a world built against them. “After all, a woman without prosthetics would be just, impractical.”

Legs takes place Saturday, August 6, 8:30 p.m. at the Darkhorse Theatre. Check the Sideshow Fringe website and show schedule for the full list of events.

Chip Boles

Chip Boles

Saturday’s Downtown and Wedgewood/Houston art crawls are shaping up to be spectacular.

At 40AU Gallery in the downtown Arcade, MAPs alum Chip Boles presents his first Nashville solo show. He’ll be there doing live drawing. Saturday, August 6 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Chip Boles' Art Pod at OZ Art Fest

Chip Boles’ Art Pod at OZ Art Fest

Tinney 10th Anniversary Show

Tinney 10th Anniversary Show

Saturday at Tinney Contemporary we have A Decade in the Making, a two-part exhibition celebrating the gallery’s 10 year anniversary. The exhibition features a number of artists, including MAPs alum Carla Ciuffo. Check the Tinney Contemporary website to see the full list of artists.  6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Pod by Carla Ciuffo + Stasis Universe; Sooner or Later with Tanya Butler and Dee Simpson, @ OZ Art Fest

Pod by Carla Ciuffo + Stasis Universe; Sooner or Later w/ Tanya Butler & Dee Simpson, at OZ Art Fest

Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening

Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening

Saturday at the Wedgewood/Houston crawl, a number MAPs artists are selling artwork in David Hellams and David King’s Crappy Magic Auction. The auction will take place at 9:15pm in the Silo Room at Track One. 18 artists are participating, including MAPs alums Jaime Raybin, Briena Harmening, Mika Agari, Sarah McDonald, Marlos E’van, and Tyler Blankenship.

Raybin and Harmening, who created the Peep Pods at OZ Art Fest, will be premiering an infomercial for a compact disc compilation of music from their pod.

All auction proceeds benefit the wonderful Track One gallery Seed Space.

Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening's Peeps Pod @ OZ Art Fest

Jaime Raybin and Briena Harmening’s Peeps Pod at OZ Art Fest

Emily Holt

Emily Holt

Down the road at Julia Martin Gallery, Delia Seigenthaler and MAPs alum Emily Holt present new work in a show called Oil & Mud. Learn more at the gallery website.

Emily Holt's pod @ OZ Art Fest

Emily Holt’s pod at OZ Art Fest

Learn about what’s happening at the other crawl galleries via Nashville Arts’ August Crawl Guide.

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