Saturday at MAPs Your TV Will Watch YOU! + Closing Night Celebration

Your TV Is Watching preview

Your TV Is Watching preview

Saturday, June 25 is your last chance to experience Modular Art Pods at OZ Art Fest. We have so many great things planned, including a performance by N&XT where your TV watches YOU, a live light show featuring Dig Deep with music by Ben Marcantel and droneroom, an intimate immersive performance by White Orchard Theatre, and swing dancing in the Dome with the Nashville Jitterbugs! Don’t miss it! Exhibit is open from 11am to 9pm. Cost for the full OZ Art Fest, including live music outside, food trucks, and several other gallery shows is $20. Full schedule is below. And now, videos!

Saturday, June 25, 2016 Performances at Modular Art Pods at OZ Art Fest:

Echoes Pod

2-4pm: Your TV Is Watching by N&XT
4-6pm: Ben Marcantel, Tye Bellar, and Seth West with visuals by Dig Deep Light Show
6-8pm: droneroom, Jane Boxall, Brady Sharp, and Stephen Seifert with visuals by Dig Deep Light Show

Water Rings Pod

4-6pm: Andri Alexandrou
6-8pm Aubrey Derryberry

Geodesic Dome

3:30-4:30pm: Nashville Jitterbugs (swing dancing)
5pm-8pm: White Orchard Theater presents Polar North 1955

Andri Alexandrou live at Modular Art Pods

Andri Alexandrou live at Modular Art Pods

Saturday Performer Bios:

Andri Alexandrou

Human transference — be it conversation, story, or secret — in an intimate setting.

droneroom (Blake Conley with Jane Boxall, Brady Sharp, and Stephen Seifert)

Improvised drone music with a rotating cast of collaborators.

Aubrey Derryberry

Site-specific, improvisation-driven performance art that explores the interplay between healer/afflicted, movement /stasis, and wholeness/fragmentation.

Your TV Is Watching by N&XT (Led by Lindsay Goranson)

N&XT presents “Your TV is Watching.” Are you the audience? Or are you the entertainment? Find out in this singular performance piece.


Ben Marcantel with Tye Bellar,  Seth West, and Ryan Norris (spiritual guidance)

Marcantel and crew will use multiple loops and original content samples to create continually changing sound structures.

Dig Deep Light Show (Scott Sanders, Brian Miles, Megan Curtin. Derek Schartung)

Liquid light show using overhead projectors, moire fabric, colored oil and water.

White Orchard Theater

“Polar North, 1955” is a story of innocence, wilderness, exploration, romance, and industrial-age consumerism told by an arctic explorer and his lover, through a series of letters. This short piece combines live performance with motion illustration. It will be projected into the Digital Dome.


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