Modular Art Pods Performance Schedule

Andri Alexandrou performing.

Modular Art Pods at OZ is one week away! We’re excited to share with you the MAPs performance schedule.

Performances at MAPs are a bit different than your conventional performances. As you make your way through the exhibit, you’ll discover people singing, dancing, acting, playing instruments, and even having one-on-one conversations with you. Performers will take shifts in designated performance pods, so there will always be something new to discover. During Thursday Night Things, there will also be surprise performances and interactions not listed here.

Exhibition hours, directions, and ticket info can be found here.

Echoes (Pod 23)

 Date  2-4pm  4-6pm  6-8pm
 Tuesday 6/21  (3pm) Blue Stocking  Blue Stocking  Dustin Hedrick
 Wednesday 6/22  Rebekah Alexander  Madeleine Hicks and Paul Kintzing  chatterbird
 Thursday 6/23  Mike Kluge  See TNT Sched  See TNT Sched
 Friday 6/24  Rebekah Alexander  Blue Stocking  Aubrey Derryberry
 Saturday 6/25  N&XT  Dig Deep Light Show / Ben Marcantel  Dig Deep Light Show / Droneroom
 Thursday Night Things, 6/23/2016
 6:00pm – 6:30pm  6:30pm – 7pm  7:00pm – 7:30pm  7:30pm – 8pm  8:00pm – 8:30pm  8:30pm – 9pm
 Mike Kluge  Blue Stocking*  Rebekah Alexander  Aubrey Derryberry  Brian Siskind  Madeleine Hicks and Paul Kintzing

Water Rings (Pod 6)

 Date  4-6pm  6-8pm
 Tuesday 6/21  Marlos E’van  Colleen Phelps
 Wednesday 6/22  Marlos E’van  Big Guise
 Thursday 6/23  See TNT Sched  See TNT Sched
 Friday 6/24  Andri Alexandrou  Big Guise
 Saturday 6/25  Andri Alexandrou  Aubrey Derryberry
Thursday Night Things, 6/23/2016
 6:00pm – 6:30pm  6:30pm – 7pm  7:00pm – 7:30pm  7:30pm – 8pm  8:00pm – 8:30pm  8:30pm – 9pm
 Andri Alexandrou  Andri Alexandrou Big Guise  Colleen Phelps  Sideshow  Sideshow

Geodesic Dome (Pod 60)

 Date  2-4pm  4-6pm  6-8pm
 Tuesday 6/21  5-7pm White Orchard Theater – Polar North 1955
 Wednesday 6/22  Oliver Dodd  Ben Marcantel  Brian Siskind
 Thursday 6/23
 Friday 6/24  W.O.T – Polar North 1955
 Saturday 6/25  5-7pm White Orchard Theater – Polar North 1955

On Wednesday night from 6:30-8pm, Aubrey Derryberry will interact with guests in a special roaming performance.


Rebekah Alexander

Live solo vocal pieces intertwined with theatrical monologues and chance compositions with audience interaction.

Andri Alexandrou

Human transference — be it conversation, story, or secret — in an intimate setting.

Big Guise (Alexine Rioux Mika Agari, and Kayla Saito)

Investigators of short-term connection. Food will be shared. Records will be taken.

droneroom (Blake Conley with Jane Boxall and Brady Sharp)

Improvised drone music with a rotating cast of collaborators.

Aubrey Derryberry

Site-specific, improvisation-driven performance art that explores the interplay between healer/afflicted, movement /stasis, and wholeness/fragmentation.

Oliver Dodd (and guests)

Longform ambient electronic Eurorack improvisations.

Marlos E’van

E’van will lay in a motionless state on the floor. He will be surrounded by caution tape, which will act as a barrier between himself and the audience.

N&XT (Led by Lindsay Goranson)

N&XT presents “Your TV is Watching.” Are you the audience? Or are you the entertainment? Find out in this singular performance piece.

Dustin Hedrick

Live painting on a massive canvas. Check back throughout the shift to see Hedrick’s progress.

Madeleine Hicks and Paul Kintzing

As Kintzing plays steel drum, Hicks will perform a silent play about the life and death of an aquarium-imprisoned octopus, complete with octopus costume handmade by local designer Nic Magee.

Blue Stocking (Ashley Lawless and Janelle Bonfour-Mikes)

Movement art that is a blend of physical theater, modern dance and Japanese Butoh. Eggs will be set out on the floor in the pattern of Venus’s path around the sun. The performers will walk the path 13 times, each time presenting a different story, a different viewpoint, and a different moment in time.

Sideshow Ensemble (Jessika Malone & Co.)

Progressive performance artist in the style of “choose your own adventure.”

Ben Marcantel with Tye Bellar,  Seth West, and Ryan Norris (spiritual guidance)

Marcantel and crew will use multiple loops and original content samples to create continually changing sound structures.

Colleen Phelps

Classical percussion constrained by the small parameters of the pod.

Brian Siskind

Live sound made of old records and field recordings stitched into collage with beats.

chatterbird (Celine Thackston & Co.)

Chamber performances with projections. One of the pieces they will perform is Halldor Smarason’s “1972.” The piece recreates the 13th game of the 1972 chess championship between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer, with amplified chess moves giving a rhythmic foundation to the piece.

Dig Deep Light Show (Scott Sanders, Brian Miles, Megan Curtin. Derek Schartung)

Liquid light show using overhead projectors, moire fabric, colored oil and water.

MKAV (Mike Kluge Audio Visual)

Synchronization system performance; audio will trigger projections and physical light devices that correspond to the audio’s spectral and dynamic information.

White Orchard Theater

“Polar North, 1955” is a story of innocence, wilderness, exploration, romance, and industrial-age consumerism told by an arctic explorer and his lover, through a series of letters. This short piece combines live performance with motion illustration. It will be projected into the Digital Dome.


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