Modular Art Pods Updated Artist List

Beth Reitmeyer and Ben Elkins progress pic.

Beth Reitmeyer and Ben Elkins progress pic.

In the weeks since we announced the MAPs participating artists, we had a few cancellations and additions. We’d like to welcome the following Pod Makers to MAPs at OZ!

Ellie Caudill
Rachel de Cuba
Jamie Meredith
Jamin Orrall (JEFF The Brotherhood)

The art tunnel takes place at OZ Arts Nashville,  June 21-25, 2016! To learn more about MAPs, go here.

Here’s the updated list of artists:

Pod Makers:

Ashley Adkins and Leah Sawyer
Mika Agari, Alexine Rioux, and Kayla Saito
Matthew Batty
Tyler Blankenship and Sarah McDonald
Chip Boles
Amanda Joy Brown and Kyle Jones
Jason Brown and the Postal Provocateurs
Paul Cain
Ellie Caudill
Erica Ciccarone
Carla Ciuffo
Ben Clark and Matt Fox
Alexis Colbert
Sarah Cozort and Bobby Gray
Rachel de Cuba
Jenn Deafenbaugh and Monica Bolles
Jim DeVault
Zach Duensing
Patricia Earnhardt and Elizabeth Sanford
Dylan Ethier and Molly Lahym
The Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project
Osvaldo Gonzalez
Trey Gossett
Phillip Granke
Rhendi Greenwell
Brandon Greer
Briena Harmening and Jaime Raybin
Emily Holt
Robbie Lynn Hunsinger
Beth Inglish
Travis Janssen and Alex Lopez
Megan Kelley and Stephen Zerne
Jennifer Knowles (Brown Dog Bindery)
Mia Krout, Ben Marcantel , Ryan Norris, and Christine Rogers
Emily Sue Laird and Jake Wells
Clayton Landiss
Ariel Lavery and Christopher Lavery
Sara Lederach
Jonathan Lisenby
Jovanni Luna
Becky Fox Matthews and Dave Matthews
Jamie Meredith
Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society
George Miller and Vivian Saxon
Mary Mooney
Joe Nolan and Antonia Oakes
Jamin Orrall
Beth Reitmeyer and ELEL
Kit Reuther
Gordon Roqué
Liz Clayton Scofield
Abbey Skojec
Brian Somerville and Will Somerville
Lain York


Rebekah Alexander
Andri Alexandrou
Big Guise
Aubrey Derryberry
Dig Deep Light Show
Marlos E’van
MKAV (Mike Kluge Audio Visual)
Lindsay Goranson
Dustin Hedrick and Bethany Langford
Madeleine Hicks and Paul Kintzing
Ashley Lawless
Ben Marcantel and Ryan Norris
Colleen Phelps
Sideshow @ Actors Bridge
Brian Siskind

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