We Did It!

Photo by Becky Fox Matthews

Photo by Becky Fox Matthews

Thanks, everybody! The very first Modular Art Pods was a huge success. abrasiveMedia reported the largest art crawl turnout to date. If you missed it, check out The Nashville Scene’s virtual tour.

The success was due to the hard work of the pod artists who came through with beautiful, inspiring, and provocative work. HUGE thanks to the artists Adrienne Newman, Alison Rinner and Becky Matthews, Andee Rudloff, Andri Alexandrou, Arthur Kirkby, Ava Marie Puckett, Beth Reitmeyer, Brandon Donahue, Brandon Daniel Greer, Brian Somerville, Courtney Adair Johnson, Dig Deep Light Show, Dylan Ethier and Molly Lahym, Emily Holt, Erica Ciccarone, Evelyn Walker, Gordon Roqué, Joe Clemons, Kayla Saito, Kyle Baker and Lesley Beeman, Kyle Numann, Lauren Kussro, Luke Rainey, Matt Fox and Ben Clark, Matthew Jernigan, Megan Kelley and Stephen Zerne, Morgan Higby-Flowers, Patrick Stefaniak, Sarah McDonald and Tyler Blankenship, and Secret Friends.

The show wouldn’t have been possible without the support and generosity of our host abrasiveMedia. Thanks to Audra, Justin, and the whole team there who took a risk on a weird, untested idea for no gain except support of the arts. They not only provided the space but made us feel welcome and worked tirelessly even as the event went past normal closing time. I highly recommend abrasiveMedia’s classes, ranging from Aerial Fabric to Trapeze, Kickfit to Ballet, and even Intro to Painting.

Also thanks to Andee Rudloff and Stacey Irvin for designing our poster and to Erica Ciccarone, Emily Sue Laird, Becca Moore, Bill Vincent, and Lindsay Goranson for volunteering their time. Most of all, thanks to all the attendees who waited as long as an hour and a half to experience the crawl. This was in many ways our proof-of-concept. Now we have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t, and I’m pleased to announced that we’re already planning a second MAPs for later in the year! Watch this space for more info on that.

If you attended, we’d love it if you could leave a comment below with your thoughts. What did you think overall? What worked? What could be improved?

Photo by Sara Lee Burd

Photo by Sara Lee Burd

Photo by Sara Lee Burd

Photo by Sara Lee Burd


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