Inaugural Modular Art Pods Participating Artists


I’m pleased to announce the roster of artists participating in the inaugural Modular Art Pods at abrasiveMedia, February 7th from 6 to 10 p.m. during Arts & Music @ Wedgewood/Houston.

Due to a large number of impressive applications, we decided to expand the pod tally to 30. I have written to all the applicants, but if for some reason you didn’t hear back from me, please contact

Here is the inaugural MAPs roster of artists:

  • Adrienne Newman
  • Alison Rinner and Becky Matthews
  • Andee Rudloff
  • Andri Alexandrou
  • Arthur Kirkby
  • Ava Marie Puckett
  • Beth Reitmeyer
  • Brandon Donahue
  • Brandon Greer
  • Brian Somerville
  • Courtney Adair Johnson
  • David Wright LaGrone
  • Dig Deep Light Show
  • Dylan Ethier and Molly Lahym
  • Emily Holt
  • Evelyn Walker
  • Gordon Roqué
  • Joe Clemons
  • Kayla Saito
  • Kyle Baker
  • Kyle Numann
  • Lauren Kussro
  • Luke Rainey
  • Matt Fox and Ben Clark
  • Matthew Jernigan
  • Megan Kelley and Stephen Zerne
  • Patrick Stefaniak
  • Sarah McDonald and Tyler Blankenship
  • Secret Friends

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